The experiences shared by the speakers were fantastic! They have so much passion for what they do and made everyone in the class feel inspired. Good resources, many case studies, interesting/engaging instruction and lectures, great examples (photos/videos/samples).

Marianna, Vodafone Australia

I have taken away with me a better understanding of the events industry and all of the components that go with this busy, exciting and very rewarding industry. I have more confidence in myself and my ability to deliver an amazing event!

Kelly, Singleton Council

This course has filled in the knowledge gaps I had within the events area and in turn made me more effective and structured in how I approach my event planning and execution.

Andjelka, Dine for Life

The program’s been of enormous value; even having years of experience. I’ve really appreciated that opportunity to meet with some of the leaders in the industry who are really inspiring, and I’m looking forward to going away and putting into practice some of what I’ve actually had the opportunity to learn.

Kathryn McKenzie, Warringah Council

I really appreciated how qualified everyone was that was lecturing, and just their anecdotal experience, also how it covered such a range of issues from catering to staging to design to the shut-down process and post-production, and so I felt like I gleaned just an amazing amount of wisdom in a really short period of time.

Felicity de Sauty, Sony Tropfest Australia