Event Training Australia (ETA) has its origins in the recently closed Australian Event Award winning Australian Centre for Event Management (ACEM), University of Technology, Sydney. ETA was established to continue, and build upon, ACEM’s event training and education legacy. As such, ETA draws on over 20 years of experience in the development of innovative practice-based education and training programs in the event management field. These programs span one-day workshops to Masters level university courses. ETA’s understanding of ‘best practice’ event management is further reflected in its founder’s (Dr Rob Harris) co-authoring of the widely used texts and handbooks – Festival and Special Event Management, Event Management and the Regional Event Management Handbook.


Who are our courses designed for?

Event Training Australia’s courses are specifically intended for individuals that:

  • need to build event management skills and knowledge quickly because of their expanded work role;
  • seek to develop careers in the event management field, but currently lack the skills/knowledge to do so; or
  • are currently employed in an event coordinator or event manager role and wish to ensure they are employing industry best practice.


What makes our courses unique?

Event Training Australia’s short courses in event management are unique in that they are:

  • endorsed by the Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management;
  • delivered both online and face-to-face;
  • designed and delivered by Australian Event Award-winning presenters;
  • taught by authors of, and contributors to, the major event management texts used in Australia and internationally (Event Management and Festival and Special Event Management);
  • based on over 20 years of experience in event management education, with its presenters having designed and delivered programs in every Australian state, as well as in a number of overseas locations, including London, Edinburgh, Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei and Auckland; and
  • process and systems based to ensure an appreciation of the linkages between the various tasks associated with event project management.